All Sorts of Design Services

At Sorting House we get involved in all aspects of interior design.

We love the design process and enjoy working closely with our clients to create unique and individual spaces. Our personal attention helps to steer you through all aspects of what can be an overwhelming process. Whether you need help in your home, office or retail space, we work with you to develop a strong concept unique to your project. We are involved in everything from space planning and overall budget to the final aesthetic details and small touches.

Sort and Stage to Sell


First impressions are everything when selling your home; you only have one chance at the feeling a person gets when they enter. It’s the simple things that make a world of difference whether it’s painting, sorting, landscaping or updating; we can help.

What Sort of Art?

sort art

It’s so personal and so important. Original art is the icing on the cake.  As art consultants we help you determine your artistic tastes as well as assist you in choosing the right artwork for your home. We love to commission unique pieces that are ‘perfect’ for your space. We source art for retail, residential and commercial spaces.

The Best Sort of Spaces


Spacing planning is an integral part of the interior design process. It takes into account all available surface areas, the optimal feeling, flow, and acoustics for the space.  Furniture, merchandise, equipment size and layouts are all crucial to the end result and success of the project.

Sort Out the Colors


You must think of your space’s color palette as an important backdrop; it sets the stage for furnishings and decorations that give rooms their unique feel. Picking the right color or wall covering is a challenging task. Paint or wallpaper is relatively simple to apply or change, but the wrong color inside or out can disturb the entire feel. We will work with you to choose a color palette that’s perfect for you.

All Sorts of Accessories


An accessory is any object that is not an integral part of the large scale interior design but is still carefully chosen (even custom made at times) so that it complements the overall design. Often the choices for these “finishings” can be overwhelming and prevent the project from being completed.  Accessories can be anything from soft furnishings like draperies, pillows and throws to the more long term fixtures and fittings such as tile, faucets and appliances.

All Sorted


Project management involves the initiating, planning, executing, and controlling the work of a team to meet your desired plan and achieve success of your project.  We have a team of skilled painters, carpenters, wall covering experts and handymen that we can recommend to ensure the project is completed to your satisfaction and completely SORTED!